Polaris RZR 900/1000 Folding, Vented, Glass Windshields W/wiper



RYFAB Polaris RZR 900/1000 Folding, Vented, Glass Windshield UTV

  • Steel frame
  • Laminated safety glass.
  • Vent is fully adjustable
  • Powder coated for a nice clean finish
  • Easy to install
  • Folds down
  • Gasket sealed on all contact surfaces
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Manual Wiper Option
  • Fits OEM

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  1. Daniel Sides

    Ryfab makes the best stuff!!! I installed this windshield in a couple of hours taking my time. The install was straight forward and easy to follow the instructions. I really like the way this windshield functions. The vents at the bottom of the windshield function really well and keep a nice breeze on normal days helping to keep the cab cool. On the hot days with lots of sun, the option of folding the windshield down and out of the way is incredible. Im in Alaska and have only needed the option once, but it turned a stifling cab into an open air cruiser. Such a great option, while the windshield was folded down it was stable, secure, and after a few minutes of continually checking to make sure it was okay I totally forgot about it. I also really like the elegant simplicity of the single manual wiper, there when you need it, but isn’t in the way when you don’t and the instal is dead simple. This is how all SxS windshields should be made.

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